Animation Night
Thursday 3rd November @ Stanley Halls SE25 6AB

Buy Tickets £10 Here

Doors open 7PM, films start promptly at 7.45pm
Stanley Halls, 12 South Norwood Hill SE25 6AB
The ever popular screening of no less than 22 fantastic, eclectic animations from all over the world. Always a visual treat.

Bar available. Scrummy Food on sale from Comfort & Joy

Serving such delicacies as: Falafel wraps, Spicy bean burger wraps, Lamb kofta wraps, Chicken wraps.
All wraps served with homemade hummus, harissa sauce, coleslaw and tomato & chickpea salad.
Sausage rolls with sage & stilton, Scotch eggs with sage & chilli, a selection of salads
Spicy bean burger, Sweet potato & goat’s cheese tart…mmmm, WOW!

Animation Night

KNOB     European Premiere
Directed by Hans Tsung- Yen Tsai Nigel
A germaphobe is stuck in the filthy restroom of the company he is about to have a job interview with.
RT: 4m Taiwan
Directed by Andy James
A large scale adventure through alternate dimensions featuring a grumpy scientist, his hyperactive daughter and a gormless chicken.
RT: 4.5m UK
Directed By Jennifer Zheng
A Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.
RT: 5m UK
TRAFFIC STOP     European Premiere
Directed by: Gina Kamentsky & Julie Zammarchi
A black man is pulled over in the USA and subjected to horrendous abuse.
RT: 4m USA
Directed by Sinead Stoddart
Zombie Lee has an outrageous hunger that won’t be silenced by food alone.
RT: 2.5m UK
In the Veldt
Directed by Joshua Wright
A reflective documentary about my grandmother’s time as a missionary during the Rhodesian Bush War in the 1970s.
RT: 4m UK
A Bone to Pick     European Premiere
Directed by Kim DeJohn
A disgruntled T-rex skeleton reclaims his stolen bones from Neanderthals.
RT: 4.5m USA
Trombone     European Premiere
Directed by Destiny Trahern
A trombone player learns to create his own music.
RT: 1m USA
The Wizard in the Woods
Directed By George Summers
A Wizard chases down the heart of his staff which escaped in a storm, only to see it descend into a deep well.
RT: 6m UK
Directed by Russell Haigh
Somewhere on a distant ocean, two pirates share a bottle of rum and their latest booty until the cabin boy lifts the lid on an unusually long casket.
RT: 4.5m UK
I Am Dyslexic     London Premiere
Directed By Mads Johan ÿgaard, Katie Noel Wyman
Those with learning differences should be proud of who they are and never feel alone.
RT: 6m UK
Directed By Gregory Chen
A simple-minded dog befriends a bizarre yet kind family.
RT: 6m USA
Rabbitt Blood
Directed by Tavsan Kani Yagmur Altan
A Turkish country house where residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.
RT: 4.5m Turkey
Race     UK Premiere
Directed by Yan Dan Wong
Exploring the issue of intergenerational care.
RT: 3m UK
Magic Forest
Directed by Artur Marcol
A loony squirrel invites a bunny on an unforgettable journey.
RT: 4m Poland
Nudinits – Tickled Pink
Directed by Sarah Simi

In the world’s first all knitted animation, nudinits are the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness and double entendre.
RT: 22m UK
Pearl     European Premiere
Directed by Patrick Osborne
A lyrical road trip through the lives of an aspiring musician and his young daughter.
The Inspector & the Umbrella     UK Premiere
Directed by Mael Gourmelen
The day promises to be rainy, but nothing can affect our Inspector Frigg today. Nothing?
RT: 2m France
Voicing Silence
Directed by Lucy Lee
How do you move forward when events from the past cast their grim shadow on the present? .
RT: 3m UK
Lost in Words
Directed by Yu Ying Chen
The experience of 2nd language confusion.
RT: 2m UK
5476 Miles
Directed by Terry Thomas
The story of a lonely starling waiting for love.
RT: 4m UK
The King
Directed by Frederic Casella
An ambitious kid sets up his first drug deal, but his plans are derailed by a storytelling stranger.
RT: 13m UK
Do Right
An an urban fox tries to escape London.
RT: 4.5m UK