About the London, Crystal Palace International Film Festival, UK


CPIFF screens some of the world's best Independent films at the UK and London's coolest film festival. Crystal Palace International Film Festival (CPIFF), in South London, shows only the highest quality films, screening in funky venues with outstanding food and drink, making every night an evening to remember, that's why every night is sold out well in advance. When you are selected you know your film is top quality and will be seen by a sizable audience! Watch the video on our homepage at cpiff.co.uk.

Now in it's 7th year and growing hugely every year, submit your film for a chance to be a part of the 14-day film extravaganza incorporating films from nine categories including Short Film, Horror Sci-Fi, Animation, Feature Film, Music Video and Documentary, it will delight you.

The screenings in unusual venues with themed evenings, gourmet food served and many World, European and UK premieres, CPIFF stands out from the standard fayre of the usual film festival and is, importantly, inspiring the public to appreciate independent film.


The Judges

Johnny Vegas
One of the UK's best known comedians, his CV as a performer, writer and
producer is long, from starring in countless TV and radio shows to acting alongside Johnny Depp.

Mark Steel
One the UK's original 'alternative' comics and a familiar face on TV: 'Have I got news for you', 'Question Time', 'The Mark Steel lectures',
'Q. I.' A regular on BBC Radio 4 including his own SONY award winning series 'Mark Steel's in Town', author of several
books and a weekly columnist for the Independent newspaper. Mark has also hosted the last four CPIFF Awards Nights.

Roberta Gallinari
Co-founder and director at CPIFF

Neville Astley
Co-creator of the UK's worldwide phenomoenon that is Peppa Pig, producing and directing hundreds of episodes, translated into over 30 languages winning many awards and don't forget Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. 

Beverly Dixon
MD of Woolyback Productions, UK, producer and executive producer of many TV and radio programs.

Brian Dooley
Bafta winning writer of TV's The Smoking Room, Being Human and Way To Go, plus many more.

Quentin Miles
Animation director at Cinesite, has directed special effects and animation on
some of the biggest films such as the Harry Potter, James Bond, Batman and X-Men franchises,
The Golden Compass, Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia and Disney Pixars' John Carter of Mars.
An impressive pedigree.

Martin Tempia
Martin has produced TV for over 25 years working for the likes of Celador, Hat Trick Productions and Polygram. He currently has his own projects in development with Channel 4 and the BBC.

Judging criteria

Each submission will be watched by our judges. The films will be judged and scored on
Direction, Cinematography, Entertainment Value, Acting, Screenplay and Soundtrack etc where relevant to the category.

Finalists will be chosen and forwarded to the main judges who will choose a winner for each category.

The Festival

Over the festival period the official selections from each category will be screened in and around Crystal Palace, London, UK.
CPIFF awards, specially designed will be presented and awards night.

Many nights are held in a church and other funky venues with incredible architechture serving special food, drink with other entertainments available.

Crystal Palace is one of the coolest parts of London and UK, a triangle of streets with bars and restaurants
of every cuisine, it is steeped in history, has great views overlooking London and 3 parks - one even
has dinosaurs and is the home of the national sports centre which hosts international athletics and
live concerts. Two transmitters stand out clearly in the skyline hence the design of the festival's logo and
award. In 1938 John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, made the world's first ever colour broadcast from the actual Crystal Palace site after it burned down in 1936. The BBC still broadcast from here.

CPIFF awards   


The 2012 CPIFF awards hand sculpted by Jonathan Rowlandson


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